Litiasis Renal

Devicare launches e-commerce site for Lit-Control® in Spain

Improving your urinary health is now easier thanks to the new website The e-commerce site, designed by Devicare’s digital marketing department, is completely patient-focused: detailed information on Lit-Control® products to monitor urinary pH levels, online purchases and a private area with different functionalities that provide improved know-how and patient empowerment in the management of […]

Devicare continues its expansion in Latin America

Devicare is moving forward in its international expansion by closing licensing and distribution agreements in Argentina, Uruguay and Peru. Various pharmaceutical companies will introduce the products from the Lit-Control® brand to improve the urinary healthcare of the residents of Latin America. The company had previously announced its entry into Mexico and Colombia.

At the end of […]

New treatments for kidney stones presented in the National Urology Congress

The LXXXIII National Urology Congress, which brought together more than one thousand urologists from 13 to 16 June in Gijón, focused its debate on different advances as a medical solution which will improve the diagnosis and treatment of lithiasis. Lithiasis (renal calculi or kidney stones) affects 10% of the Spanish population and this figure continues […]

A study published in ‘Journal of Endourology’ certifies that Lit-Control® is the best method to control urinary pH

A team of urologists from the Paris-Sorbonne University, the Tenon University Hospital, the AZ Klina Hospital and the University Hospital of Zurich has analysed the portable urinary pH control methods and has certified that the Lit-Control® pH Meter by Devicare is the best on the market.

The research, published in the Journal of Endourology, has compared the Lit-Control® pH Meter device designed for home use with other methods. Lit-Control® pH Meter […]

The first Lit-Control® units are now on sale in pharmacies in France

Lit-Control® by Devicare, the medical solution to prevent and treat recurring urological diseases which represent the second most common cause of primary care consultations1, has been on sale now for a few weeks in France.

The novel aspect of Lit-Control® is that it allows patients to measure their own urinary pH with the support of remote […]

Devicare and Premier Medical close an agreement to distribute Lit-Control in Ireland

Devicare and Premier Medical Ltd have signed an agreement to market the Lit-Control® family of products in Ireland intended to reduce the recurrence of chronic urological diseases (renal and urinary lithiasis, urine infections, calcification of double J stent catheters, etc…). Every year 50,000 cases of lithiasis are diagnosed in Ireland and it is estimated that […]

Devicare promotes a pioneering clinical trial to prevent the calcification of double J stent catheters

Devicare and nine leading hospitals in urology have started the pioneering international “Double J” study to evaluate the combined use of a medical device and a nutraceutical in controlling urinary pH and inhibiting crystallisation in order to prevent the calcification of double J stent catheters and reduce the number of associated complications.

“The calcification of a […]

Devicare successfully presents Lit-Control in the European Urology Congress

The 33rd European Urology Congress (EAU 2018) closed its doors yesterday in Copenhagen with excellent figures: 15,000 urologists, 160 companies and 2,000 business representatives.

Devicare has been present in the exhibition area together with one of its international partners presenting Lit-Control®, the first medical solution which allows recurrent urinary diseases to be effectively addressed with an […]

Devicare and Allegra join forces to improve control of chronic illnesses in the elderly

Devicare has signed a collaboration agreement with the Allegra Residential Complex in Sabadell, Barcelona in order to offer Lit-Control® and Tao-Control® to its residents.

These two innovative services will allow users of the nursing home (161 beds), rental apartments (27 beds) and the day centre who suffer from long-term urological diseases, such as recurrent urinary tract […]

(ESP) Los afectados por cálculos renales podrían tener huesos más débiles y más calcificación vascular

(ESP) Un estudio publicado en el Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology que recoge el trabajo de varios autores sobre la litiasis renal, ha destacado que las personas más propensas a formar cálculos renales pueden padecer más calcificación aórtica y tener una densidad mineral ósea más baja.