The first Lit-Control® units are now on sale in pharmacies in France

Lit-Control® by Devicare, the medical solution to prevent and treat recurring urological diseases which represent the second most common cause of primary care consultations1, has been on sale now for a few weeks in France.

The novel aspect of Lit-Control® is that it allows patients to measure their own urinary pH with the support of remote […]

Devicare and Premier Medical close an agreement to distribute Lit-Control in Ireland

Devicare and Premier Medical Ltd have signed an agreement to market the Lit-Control® family of products in Ireland intended to reduce the recurrence of chronic urological diseases (renal and urinary lithiasis, urine infections, calcification of double J stent catheters, etc…). Every year 50,000 cases of lithiasis are diagnosed in Ireland and it is estimated that […]

Devicare promotes a pioneering clinical trial to prevent the calcification of double J stent catheters

Devicare and nine leading hospitals in urology have started the pioneering international “Double J” study to evaluate the combined use of a medical device and a nutraceutical in controlling urinary pH and inhibiting crystallisation in order to prevent the calcification of double J stent catheters and reduce the number of associated complications.

“The calcification of a […]

Devicare, invited to ‘The Talents’ in Paris

The prestigious urologists Manoj Monga of the Cleveland Clinic and Olivier Traxer of the Sorbonne and Pierre and Marie Curie University are organising the first The Talents (The Trans-Atlantic Leaders in Endourological Technologies) symposium, from 5 to 7 April in Paris, in order to build bridges between young European and North American leaders in the […]

Devicare successfully presents Lit-Control in the European Urology Congress

The 33rd European Urology Congress (EAU 2018) closed its doors yesterday in Copenhagen with excellent figures: 15,000 urologists, 160 companies and 2,000 business representatives.

Devicare has been present in the exhibition area together with one of its international partners presenting Lit-Control®, the first medical solution which allows recurrent urinary diseases to be effectively addressed with an […]

Devicare patents a new sensor for the Lit-Control® pH Meter

Devicare has obtained the patent in Spain for a new electrochemical ion sensor, which is the most advanced of its type on the market, improving the features of the Lit-Control pH Meter® medical device for self-monitoring chronic urological diseases (lithiasis, infections, overactive bladder, calcification of urinary catheters, etc.). Specifically, the sensor incorporates a reference electrode […]

Experts in renal lithiasis recommend the self-monitoring of urinary pH






LELR-AEU 2018 Meeting report

Advances in the treatment and medical management of lithiasis, which affects 15% of Spain’s population and is increasing considerably, namely renal lithiasis, were the focus of the 28th National Meeting of the Groups of Lithiasis, Endourology, Laparoscopy and Robotics organized by the Spanish Association of Urology on January 25 and 26 in […]

Rosendo Garganta: “Our business model has erased the border between biotechnology and MedTech”







Devicare has been one of the companies invited to the Lessons Learned held by the CataloniaBio and Biocat business association on 29 November in Barcelona to explain its business strategy and the lessons it has learned since it was founded in 2012.

The debate centred on the convergence between the biopharmaceutical and MedTech sectors to contribute […]

(ESP) Devicare presenta Lit-Control® en el congreso de la Asociación Española de Urología

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Devicare has been awarded the Cerdanyola Empresarial Prize for its research and innovation

The Cerdanyola Empresarial gala took place yesterday in the Hotel of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, where Devicare collected the Prize for Research and innovation 2017 for its work in developing medical devices and solutions and remote patient monitoring.

Rosendo Garganta, founder and CEO of Devicare, received the award from the president of the Entrepreneurs Association […]