The PREVENTLIT study shows that Lit-Control® reduces new episodes of renal lithiasis

Devicare is presenting the positive results of the PREVENTLIT clinical study today which have been published in Clinical Medicine Insights Urology. The results show the efficacy and tolerance of its products Lit-Control® pH Up and Lit-Control® pH Down to regulate urinary pH in patients with renal lithiasis. The study confirms that maintaining urinary pH within […]

Device beats the record for a health care ‘crowdfunding’ round in Spain

In only 30 days Devicare, a company specialising in therapeutic urological solutions which has developed Lit-Control®, has closed the largest round of crowdfunding in health care in Spain with more than 1.6 million Euros through Capital Cell.

Devicare’s initial goal was to raise 1.5 million Euros in the round to accelerate the company’s growth, principally, to […]

Devicare abre una ronda de ‘crowdfunding’ de 1,5 millones de euros


29 Mayo 2019

Devicare quiere acelerar su crecimiento y para ello ha puesto en marcha una campaña de crowdfunding de 1,5 millones de euros en la plataforma Capital Cell. En una semana ya se ha conseguido el 39% del objetivo. La cantidad mínima a invertir es 1.000 euros.

Devicare ha desarrollado una solución para el tratamiento […]

Devicare is preparing the largest round of crowdfunding on Capital Cell

May 3rd, 2019

Devicare is aiming to speed up its growth and will start a 1.5 million Euro crowdfunding round on Capital Cell, the funding platform that specialises in healthcare. With a 1,000 Euro minimum ticket, the company is looking to attract small investors, sponsors, patients and people knowledgeable about innovation and health.

Devicare is a technologically-driven […]

Devicare participates in the leading lithiasis event in Spain and presents the results of the ‘Double J’ trial

February 7th, 2019

Devicare participated in the National Meeting of the Lithiasis, Endourology, Laparoscopy and Robotics Groups (LELR), held on 24 and 25 January in Palma de Mallorca. The plenary sessions focused on the medical and surgical handling of urinary lithiasis which affects 10% of the Spanish population. The final results of the “Double J” clinical […]

Devicare announces the positive results of the clinical trial with Lit-Control® to prevent the encrustation of catheters in patients with lithiasis

Devicare and nine leading Spanish hospitals in urology have successfully completed the clinical trial which demonstrates the efficacy of the combined use of a medical device (Lit-Control® pH Meter) and a nutraceutical (Lit-Control® pH Down) to prevent the encrustation of double J catheters by monitoring urinary pH and supplying phytates (crystallisation inhibitors).

The results of this […]

Dr Carlos Torrecilla: “We have the solution to prevent the encrustation of double J catheters”


December 12, 2018

Dr Carlos Torrecilla, director of the Lithiasis Unit of the Bellvitge University Hospital and national coordinator of the Lithiasis and Endourology Group of the Spanish Association of Urology, is the principal investigator of a clinical trial sponsored by Devicare conducted in nine Spanish university hospitals (Bellvitge, La Paz, Río Hortega, Puigvert Foundation, San […]

Devicare and Exeltis signed an agreement to market the Lit-Control in Spain

The multinational company Exeltis and the digital therapeutics company Devicare have signed an agreement to market the Lit-Control® family of products in Spain. Lit-Control® is the world’s first digital therapeutics solution that allows the most common urological diseases to be prevented and treated effectively from home while also improving patients’ adherence to the treatment.

This collaboration […]

Devicare and Allegra join forces to improve control of chronic illnesses in the elderly

Devicare has signed a collaboration agreement with the Allegra Residential Complex in Sabadell, Barcelona in order to offer Lit-Control® and Tao-Control® to its residents.

These two innovative services will allow users of the nursing home (161 beds), rental apartments (27 beds) and the day centre who suffer from long-term urological diseases, such as recurrent urinary tract […]

(ESP) Los avances de las terapias génicas y celulares dar respuestas a viejos problemas médicos.

(ESP) La semana pasada, se celebró la 10ª Reunión Internacional sobre Investigación Traslacional y Medicina Personalizada, en la Fundación Jiménez Díaz de Madrid. En ella, se han presentado algunos de los más importantes avances registrados en España gracias a la biomedicina con terapias génicas y celulares.