Devicare is moving forward in its international expansion by closing licensing and distribution agreements in Argentina, Uruguay and Peru. Various pharmaceutical companies will introduce the products from the Lit-Control® brand to improve the urinary healthcare of the residents of Latin America. The company had previously announced its entry into Mexico and Colombia.

At the end of 2017 the World Health Organisation warned of the increase of urinary tract infections and the resistance to antibiotics in Latin America. In this sense, Lit-Control® will provide a new medical approach for recurring urological diseases, especially renal lithiasis. The therapeutic solution developed and patented by Devicare is the first solution worldwide based on managing urinary pH, a recognised risk factor emerging in frequent urological disease, with proven scientific evidence (1) and recommended by urologists.

“Our philosophy is to offer an innovative solution to an unmet medical need in Latin America like the one which is already being carried out in Spain with satisfactory results” explains Rosendo Garganta, founder and CEO of Devicare. “These agreements with leading urological pharmaceutical companies in their respective territories confirm our scientific work, our clinical data, as well as the commercial interest in our products” Garganta remarks.

Since the closure of its seed round of funding in 2017, Devicare has been validating Lit-Control® in the Spanish market, signing different strategic partnership with renowned entities in urology such as the Puigvert Foundation and starting a clinical programme with six studies involving around 20 hospitals.

In upcoming years, “we will continue to increase the number of agreements to bring Lit-Control® to different countries, we will work on the approval of the registries in these countries and we will support our distributors in their respective launches” explains Miquel González-Mut, Devicare’s International Business Development Manager, with optimism. The company expects to end 2018 with a presence in more than 20 countries.

(1) De Coninck, V., Keller, EX., Rodríguez-Monsalve, M., Haymann, JP., Doizi, S., Traxer, O. (2018). Evaluation of a portable urinary pH meter and reagent strips. Journal Endourology.  doi: 10.1089/end.2018.0202