161124-devicare_innovasalud_mexicoDevicare has signed a license agreement with the company InnovaSalud for the distribution in Mexico of the Lit- Control® family of products, a domiciliary method for the self-management of frequent urological pathologies.

Chronic diseases are increasing in Mexico among people over the age of 65. Renal lithiasis alone affects 11% of the population (near 13 million people). “The trend is prevention. That’s why we have put our trust in Lit-Control® by Devicare”, says Hector Valle, president of InnovaSalud.

The product targets primary healthcare physicians and specialists, as it covers not only renal and urinary lithiasis but also other diseases with high recurrence risk in which the control and monitoring have a great clinical relevance.

Lit-Control® is marketed in Spain through M4 Pharma since this year 2016 and is a first-in-class product that will now “cover an unmet medical need in this country. The aim is to allow people with renal lithiasis and other pathologies to self-manage their condition with the use of Lit-Control®, just like those with diabetes do with the glucose meter and insulin”, states Miquel González, Business Development Manager of Devicare.

Press release (pdf)