Improving your urinary health is now easier thanks to the new website The e-commerce site, designed by Devicare’s digital marketing department, is completely patient-focused: detailed information on Lit-Control® products to monitor urinary pH levels, online purchases and a private area with different functionalities that provide improved know-how and patient empowerment in the management of their health (a record of readings and medical history, order tracking, offers and exclusive discounts…).

The website also features videos from urology experts of international standing, patient testimonials from those who have used Lit-Control®, and a blog with articles and medical advice. As well as quality content, we have developed a site with intuitive navigation which is fast, secure and adapted to all devices.

With this initiative, Devicare is once again demonstrating its continued commitment to personalised medicine and the digitisation of health. “This website reflects the effort that we have put in over recent months to introduce into the healthcare system the first medical solution that allows patients to measure, control and monitor their urinary pH levels as a new medical approach for treating frequently occurring urinary pathologies” explains Xavier Peris, Devicare’s Sales & Marketing Director. Undoubtedly “it is a powerful platform that will help us to continue to offer this innovative solution to patients in Spain”.

In Spain lithiasis alone (stones or calculi in the kidneys, ureter or urinary bladder) affects 10% of the population, primarily men, as well as there being 325,000 new cases diagnosed every year, according to data from the Ministry of Health. Lithiasis appears in the EU’s list of chronic, high prevalence illnesses.