Devicare_LaUnioDevicare has joined the Associate Collaborators’ Forum (FAC) of The Catalan Hospitals Union (La Unió), a body made up of more than 25 industrial and service companies that operate in the health, social and attention to dependency fields.

Through this forum, La Unió aims to promote the relationship between the associate collaborators, such as Devicare, and the health and social centers of Catalonia in order to encourage partnerships for innovation in management and also strengthen the role of business lobbying in the sector.

The Sales and Marketing Manager of Devicare, Xavier Peris, took part in the presentation of new FAC members on 6 July, where he outlined the company’s experience and know-how in preventing and the self-control of chronic illnesses using the future concept of Remote Patient Monitoring. Devicare currently markets Lit-Control® service lines for recurrent urinary infections and Tao-Control® for anticoagulated patients, and works with different universities and hospitals in R&D.

“Being a member of La Unió means forming part of a prestigious entity in Catalonia, which participates in different advisory bodies” explains Xavier Peris, “in addition to receiving first-hand information about topics that affect the health and social sector and participating in regular analysis and debate forums”.

The FAC was created in 2007 under the umbrella of La Unió and drives innovation in sector companies. Currently, the President of the entity is Enric Mangas (Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Déu) and the vice presidents are Joan M. Adserà (Fundació Hospital Sant Pau i Santa Tecla) and Ramon Massaguer (Fundació Puigvert).