ICF.svgThe Catalan Finance Institute (ICF), in collaboration with ACCIÓ (Agency for business competitiveness of the Generalitat of Catalonia), granted Devicare participation loan of 133,000 euros as part of the Corporate Entrepreneurship Programme in order to join Peroxfarma in its investment in Devicare. The start-ups chosen receive participation loans between 50,000 and 200,000 euros and with preferential guarantee conditions, intended to consolidate their business plan.

Devicare will use the investment to consolidate sales in Spain of its medical products for the in-home self-management of chronic patients under the future concept of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). The company currently has two products on the market: Lit-Control®, a first-in-class product to prevent and control recurrent urological diseases through urinary pH, and Tao-Control®, a product to help control INR levels in patients who take oral anticoagulants (Sintrom and the like).

“This investment demonstrates the Catalan Government’s trust and commitment to Devicare and other innovative companies in the health sector in Catalonia”, notes Francesc Cabezas, Chief Financial Officer of the company.

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