The multinational company Exeltis and the digital therapeutics company Devicare have signed an agreement to market the Lit-Control® family of products in Spain. Lit-Control® is the world’s first digital therapeutics solution that allows the most common urological diseases to be prevented and treated effectively from home while also improving patients’ adherence to the treatment.

This collaboration brings together Exeltis’ expertise and excellence in health care with Devicare’s experience in product development, intellectual property and clinical research. Additionally, Exeltis will thus strengthen its position in Spain, where it already has an important presence in the area of Women’s Health and other areas such as Nervous System health and Dermatology.

“With Lit-Control®, Exeltis is focusing on a new therapeutic area in our country and on solutions which improve the quality of life for patients with highly recurrent urinary disease” Alberto Fábregas, General Manager of Exeltis in Spain.

Renal lithiasis is the most common disease of this type. This chronic, metabolic disease is characterised by the formation of stones in the kidney and/or urinary tract, setting off acute episodes of intense pain known as renal colic. Lithiasis affects 2.2 million people in Spain and more than 325,000 new cases are detected every year1. It has a rate of recurrence around 80%.

Managing urinary pH is clearly becoming the predominant choice among the group of urology specialists in order to control and manage patients with recurrent kidney stones that are resistant to treatment” indicates Juan José Quijano, Medical Director of Exeltis. Lit-Control® provides a response to this need as it includes a medical device that measures and monitors urinary pH (Lit-Control® pH Meter) and three nutraceuticals (Lit-Control® pH Up to alkalise the pH, Lit-Control® pH Down to acidify the pH and Lit-Control® pH-Balance to protect the kidneys and prevent the formation of crystals). The innovative Lit-Control® combines remote monitoring with nutritional and pharmacological therapy.

“We’re excited to work with Exeltis to expand the use of Lit-Control®, a family of products created based on the excellent science of our universities in Spain, and to provide a response to the uncovered medical needs in the area of urology thanks to the constant work with the scientific-medical community and patients” added Rosendo Garganta, CEO of Devicare.

Lit-Control® has demonstrated its accuracy, safety and efficacy in clinical studies. The most recent study is the Evaluation of a portable urinary pH meter and reagent strips published in April in the Journal of Endourology (De Coninck, V., Keller, EX., Rodríguez-Monsalve, M., Haymann, JP., Doizi, S., Traxer, O.). The results from another pioneering study featuring the participation of the leading endourology specialists from our country and nine renowned Spanish hospitals will be published shortly.

Photo: Alberto Fábregas, General Manager of Exeltis España, and Rosendo Garganta, co-founder and CEO of Devicare.

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