Devicare and Premier Medical Ltd have signed an agreement to market the Lit-Control® family of products in Ireland intended to reduce the recurrence of chronic urological diseases (renal and urinary lithiasis, urine infections, calcification of double J stent catheters, etc…). Every year 50,000 cases of lithiasis are diagnosed in Ireland and it is estimated that around 9,000 double J stent catheters are implanted.

Lit-Control® is a first-in class method developed by Devicare based on a solution which enables patients to check their own urinary pH with remote monitoring, recommended by internationally renowned physicians due to its innovation, safety and efficacy.

Founded in 2004, Premier Medical is a benchmark provider of medical solutions in urology and surgery both in public hospitals as well as in private institutions. Its Managing Director, Vera Griffin, explains that “we’re making an effort to offer the most advanced technologies that improve clinical and economic results. This partnership with Devicare will allow us to introduce an innovative medical solution which improves the medical assistance to recurrent urinary diseases and the quality of life for these patients”. Griffin was the Sales Manager of Pfizer Ireland for more than 11 years.

Currently, Devicare has distributors in six countries (Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, France, Ireland and Mexico) in the framework of its international expansion plan that the company will follow in 2018.