May 5th, 2019

Devicare is taking the leap into the US healthcare market with its new partner Diem Labs, LLC to introduce an innovative digital medical solution (DTx) in the urology field in the country.

The official launch of Lit-Control® take place in the American Urological Association Annual Meeting (BOOTH 3440), held from 3 to 6 May in Chicago, which features the company’s CEO, Rosendo Garganta. AUA 2019 brings together more than 16,000 urologists from across the world.

“As a result of our research and technology, selling our star product for non-surgical treatment of renal lithiasis or kidney stones in the US is an extraordinary target milestone for any company in the sector. We are fulfilling Devicare’s worldwide vision with business agreements in more than 25 countries with different pharmaceutical companies in just two years” explains Rosendo Garganta.

Potential in the US

Renal lithiasis is the third most common frequent urological disease, affecting 12% of the US population.

Devicare has developed Lit-Control® to be a comprehensive medical solution: a medical device that measures the patient’s pH, three medical foods to alkalise, acidify and protect the kidney, and a future app for doctors and patients that allows the medication dose to be adjusted and help doctors and patients to manage the disease. All the products are patented, with 6 clinical studies and 9 scientific publications.

The company currently features a staff of 25 people, a management team with extensive experience in the biomedical and pharmaceutical sector, and a scientific and clinical advisory board that includes leading international urologists.

Invest in Devicare

In order to continue accelerating the company’s growth, on 6 May Devicare will start up a crowdfunding campaign on the specialised Capital Cell platform (Spain / UK). If you are interested in investing, contact us here.

In the media:

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