Investors information

Devicare is one of the most promising companies in the biotechnology sector in Spain , proving attractive to investors seeking high returns and high social impact .

Devicare develops innovative solutions for monitoring, prognosis, diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases, with special emphasis on those that can be controlled from the patient’s home.

Chronic diseases caused 36 million deaths worldwide in 2008 , and are the main expense of national health systems , according to the WHO . The monitoring of these diseases from the patient’s home is one of the major health challenges of the XXI century due to the social impact and economic costs to the Company.

Devicare has a talented team with experience in the health sector, innovative business model , a new technology protected by patents , a broad pipeline of products, and fast time-to -market, to cater to this massive market with growing needs chronicity is in a regulated industry with high margins such as health , which urgently demands new ways of saving to be more efficient .

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