Project Proposal

In Devicare we are happy to receive proposals for projects to develop innovative solutions that enable diagnosis, prognosis, treatmen and monitoring of chronic diseases, especially those that can be controlled from the patient’s home. You can send your proposal by completing the following form.

You can send us your proposal by filling this form
Once we receive the form with all the data, we will initiate an evaluation process in which we may ask you for additional information before deciding whether to include the proposal in our pipeline.

The Devicare evaluation process comprises the following steps:


We will keep you informed at all times of the evaluation process. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need help with the form. Once we have received the form with all the data, we carry a preliminary study to determine the feasibility of the proposal. If the proposal passes this screening, we sign a confidentiality agreement and send you a file that you can trade to further evaluate the opportunity and present a business plan for your region. Having evaluated the business plan, we perform a technical due diligence to know in more detail the following information:

  • Company experience
  • Positioning in the therapeutic areas of interest
  • Sales network
  • Synergies with other products Devicare
  • Marketing strategy
  • Market size
  • Regulatory path
  • Financial needs

After completing the due diligence, we prepare a distribution agreement with the commitments, rights and duties of both parties. If signed, the partnership begins. Throughout the life of the proposal we will work together to ensure the project success in your market.