Lit-Control® by Devicare, the medical solution to prevent and treat recurring urological diseases which represent the second most common cause of primary care consultations1, has been on sale now for a few weeks in France.

The novel aspect of Lit-Control® is that it allows patients to measure their own urinary pH with the support of remote monitoring, empowering patients to manage their own health. To do so, the product includes a kit containing a medical device with which each patient can measure their urinary pH quickly, simply and accurately in their home (without having to having to go to a medical or hospital centre) and certain dietary supplements to increase or decrease the acidity of the pH according to what the device indicates.

“This is a method backed by prestigious international urologists. We’re doing everything we can to explain its clinical benefits to physicians and pharmacists because it covers an overlooked medical need in France” explains Gilles Pratabuy, CEO of Genius-med (Lyon), a local distributor of Devicare.

The most common urinary diseases related with pH are lithiasis, infection, hyperactive bladder, painful bladder syndrome, interstitial cystitis and catheter calcification.

Devicare is present in eleven countries from Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. Recently, Devicare has been one of the companies invited to The Talents meeting (The Trans-Atlantic Leaders in Endourological Technologies) in Paris organised by the prestigious urologists Manoj Monga of the Cleveland Clinic and Olivier Traxer.

1 In Europe