About Devicare



Devicare is a European company based in Barcelona (Spain), leader in the home care of chronic patient.

Devicare’s activity focuses on developing innovative solutions for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and monitoring of chronic diseases, especially those that can be controlled from the patient’s home.

Devicare is the first world developer of in-house preventive approach for Renal and Urinary Lithiasis, formed by the medical device Lit-Control pH Meter, and dietary supplements Lit-Control pH Up and Lit-Control pH Down.


Devicare focuses on the design, development and manufacture of the value chain.

Value chain

The research comes from agreements with hospitals, universities, technology centers, Professional Societies, Associations and Management of Patients with which we work hard to incorporate technologies and knowledge that enable us to develop products and services through an open innovation model.

The distribution is done through agreements with pharmaceutical laboratories and In Vitro Diagnostic companies with ability to market our products and services, thanks to a major territorial presence in their respective markets through hospital, pharmacy and ambulatory sales networks.


Devicare’s mission is to improve the quality of life of chronic patients, through the development of innovative solutions that enable diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and monitoring of chronic diseases.


Devicare’s vision is to become a leading international company in the home care of chronic patient.


The values that define us are:

    Commitment to the patient and society, improving their quality of life and reducing the impact of chronic diseases.
    Added Value in our differentiation, for the loyalty of our customers.
    Social responsibility as a basic principle in all our actions, and with our stakeholders.
    Sustainability as a basic element of decision, to endure our values and our brand.
    Advising customer focusing on their needs.
    Prevention before cure, it saves costs and ensures quality of life.
    Constant innovation as an engine for growth and improvement in any area.
    Team as a minimum unit of work. Collaborate, share, learn and grow together will enable us to achieve better results and go further.
    Quality in everything we do, from start to finish.
    Profitability in all decisions: to ensure the sustainability of the company, for the shareholders and society.