A team of urologists from the Paris-Sorbonne University, the Tenon University Hospital, the AZ Klina Hospital and the University Hospital of Zurich has analysed the portable urinary pH control methods and has certified that the Lit-Control® pH Meter by Devicare is the best on the market.

The research, published in the Journal of Endourologyhas compared the Lit-Control® pH Meter device designed for home use with other methods. Lit-Control® pH Meter has obtained a Pearson’s correlation of 0.89 and a bias of 0.01, well above the second best option, reagent strips, which obtained a 0.10 and 0.09 respectively.

These results have changed our clinical practice at the Tenon University Hospital in Paris: the nurses are using the portable electronic pH meter instead of reagent strips when measuring urinary pH before the instillation of mitomycin-C. Several patients are also using this device to control their own pH during chemolysis or to prevent the formation of new stones.

Control urinary pH to prevent kidney stones

Kidney stones or renal lithiasis are one of the most frequent urological affections and their incidence continues to increase. Diet, lifestyle and changes in the urinary pH level play an important role in the formation of stones and must be adapted to reduce or prevent their recurrence. Urinary pH control is also recommended for people who use a urinary catheter, are affected by recurrent cystitis, or painful and overactive bladder syndrome, among other illnesses.

De Coninck, V., Keller, EX., Rodríguez-Monsalve, M., Haymann, JP., Doizi, S., Traxer, O. (2018). Evaluation of a portable urinary pH meter and reagent strips . Journal Endourology. doi: 10.1089/end.2018.0202