Foto_Devicare_AvançsaDevicare has signed a participative loan worth 2 million Euros from the Innova Global line by Avançsa, assigned to the Business and Expertise Department, with the option to convert the investment into Series A stock in the mid-term.

With this new economic injection, Devicare will continue the strategic development and validation plan of new medical solutions under the Remote Patient Monitoring concept, which simply and economically places patients at the centre of their own healthcare management, known as patient empowerment, as well as the corresponding clinical studies and trials for the expansion throughout the European and North American markets.

Francesc Cabezas, the company’s financial director, explains that “we have left the start-up phase behind. We’re now completely in the validation phase with a business model that perfectly fits Avançsa’s strategic objectives: an entrepreneurial project with an extremely innovative component and an excellent potential for international expansion, impact in the territory and feasibility.”

Sensor technology for multiple medical fields

Devicare is developing a patented technology using sensors to measure biometrics in breath and body fluids such as blood, sweat, saliva and urine which can be exported for the prevention and treatment of different diseases. At present the company’s experience has focused on recurring urological diseases (Lit-Control®) and patients using anticoagulants (Tao-Control®), but the company is now collaborating with renowned centres and hospitals in Catalonia to resolve uncovered medical needs.

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