The 33rd European Urology Congress (EAU 2018) closed its doors yesterday in Copenhagen with excellent figures: 15,000 urologists, 160 companies and 2,000 business representatives.

Devicare has been present in the exhibition area together with one of its international partners presenting Lit-Control®, the first medical solution which allows recurrent urinary diseases to be effectively addressed with an innovative solution enabling patients to check their own urinary pH with remote monitoring.

EAU is one of the world’s largest events to exhibit cutting-edge products and medical technology. “We’ve had the opportunity to speak with opinion leaders and companies from different countries, and the concept of the Lit-Control® family -medical device and nutraceuticals to alkalise or acidify urine- has been very well received” explains Rosendo Garganta, CEO of Devicare. “The results that we’re achieving in treating the encrustation associated with double J stents has grabbed particular attention” she remarks.

Devicare currently has Lit-Control® distributors in Spain, France, Ireland, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Saudi Arabia. This year the company will expand into other countries. “This is a true unmet need. Both urologists as well as companies are interested in the possibility of having products for these indications” says Garganta.

Out of the scientific programme, the plenary session led by professor Olivier Traxer stood out, where he provided an overview of how renal calculi will be treated in the near future, the so-called stone management.

Next year’s EAU Congress will be held in Barcelona, from 15 to 19 March 2019, where Devicare expects to have a special presence.