The LXXXIII National Urology Congress, which brought together more than one thousand urologists from 13 to 16 June in Gijón, focused its debate on different advances as a medical solution which will improve the diagnosis and treatment of lithiasis. Lithiasis (renal calculi or kidney stones) affects 10% of the Spanish population and this figure continues to increase.

Currently there is a urinary pH measurement device on the market with a pioneering sensor technology, which based on a urine sample offers more reliable and simpler measurements compared with other methods, all in the patient’s own home. Prestigious experts such as Dr Carlos Torrecilla, National coordinator of the Lithiasis and Endurology Group of the Spanish Association of Urology, and Dr Juan M. López Martínez, a urologist from Barcelona’s Hospital Clínic and the Teknon Medical Centre, mentioned it in one of the plenary sessions during the congress.

Urinary pH is one of the main risk factors for the formation of kidney stones, among other pathologies. Until now, the most common system to measure it was reagent strips, but recently the results of a clinical study Evaluation of a portable urinary pH meter and reagent strips in Journal of Endourology 1 conducted by a team of specialists from the Paris-Sorbonne University, Tenon University Hospital, the AZ Klina Hospital and the Zurich University Hospital have been published which confirm that the new measurement method is safer, more reliable and more effective.

“The trend is in empowering patients in their own healthcare as this undoubtedly increases the adherence to treatment and helps to prevent pathologies. In the case of lithiasis this was an unmet medical need” explains Xavier Peris, the Sales and Marketing Director of Devicare. Devicare focuses its know-how and patented sensor technology precisely to develop solutions under the Remote Patient Monitoring concept in different therapeutic fields (urological, cardiovascular, mental health…) which help patients to gain autonomy and improve their quality of life always with a prescription and under a doctor’s care.

During the congress, participants also remarked that the main clinical studies which support the new treatments for lithiasis and double J stent catheter are being conducted in Spanish hospitals.

What is the Lit-Control® method?

Devicare has been a pioneer in developing a home-based system for patients to monitor their own frequent urological pathologies called Lit-Control®. This solution is formed by a kit: the Lit-Control® pH Meter medical device and the Lit-Control® pH Up, Lit-Control® pH Down and Lit-Control® Balance dietary supplements. The kit is being introduced in more than 15 countries in 2018.

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Photo: Dr Juan M López (Hospital Clínic and Hospital Teknon) and Dr Carlos Torrecilla  (Hospital Bellvitge and Hospital Delfos).