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Devicare is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of products for the care of patients with urogenital diseases.

Devicare's mission is to change the way kidney stone patients are treated today by developing products and technology solutions that facilitate their care and monitoring.


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Dr. Albert Borau

Head of the Urology Service
at the Guttmann Institute

I love Urogelus®, it works great for treating irritations of the intimate area, for healing after minor surgeries and I even recommend it for healing any type of wound. I wish there were other products on the market that worked as well as Urogelus®.

Dr. Juan Francisco Sánchez García

Urologist at Hopsital Álvaro
Cunqueiro (Vigo)

I was tired of arriving in the operating room and finding calcified double J's that only hindered and delayed the surgery, putting the health of the patients at risk. We started using Canoxidin® 6 months ago for prevention and finally I no longer have any surprises... Canoxidin® is the only product we have to avoid calcifications in the operating room and it makes our work much easier.

Dra. Mercé Ramón Dalmau

Urodex. Urologist in charge
of the Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy Unit.

I always use Lit-Control® pH Balance after lithotripsy to prevent the growth of possible residual fragments and as a chronic treatment in patients with calcium oxalate stones.


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