Alt Monitor and
control your
kidney stones
First App designed and
recommended for patients
with kidney stones.
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Main functionalities of the myLit-Control App

Monitor key parameters for your kidney health!

Easily monitor the health of your kidneys by measuring your daily water intake, urinary pH and dietary supplement intake, complete your daily monitoring goals and continue to work on kidney stone prevention!

Learn about kidney stones!

Learn about kidney stones, get lifestyle recommendations, etc. In short, empower yourself to lead and understand your medical management.

Complete challenges and get prizes!

Participate, organise and complete challenges to not only continue to optimise your kidney health, but also to receive discounts and save money.

Our priority!
Data security and privacy!

myLit-Control App complies with the requirements of the EU data protection regulation 2016/679, which sets the highest standards for the security of user data.

Connect your devices!

Easy synchronisation with Lit-Control pH Meter® 2.0 and Lit-Control® Smart Bottle. Automatically transfers your data to the app via Bluetooth.

Get smart notifications!

Don't worry! myLit-Control App will remind you to drink water, measure your urinary pH, take your dietary supplement, challenge updates, discount codes and much more.

Check out the myLit-Control App!

Patient success stories

Doctor recommendations

Dr. Juan M. López Martínez

"Lit-Control® offers me an option for every kidney stone patient who comes to my practice"

Dr. Yumaira Elena Hernández Martínez

"As a doctor, I always want to recommend the best to my patients - Lit-Control® is the perfect recommendation!"

Dr. Juan Antonio Mainez Rodríguez

"After years of working with Lit-Control®, I can confidently recommend any Lit-Control® product to my patients"

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