Do you often
get urinary tract

Say goodbye to them
and the associated complications.

Urinary infections

Find relief and prevention with our specialised products for Urinary Tract Infections such as Cystitis.

A catalogue of products specialised in providing effective solutions for urinary tract infections such as Cystitis and Urethritis.

Food supplement: Methiophytin is a product designed to prevent and increase the effectiveness of antibiotics in urinary infections such as cystitis. It lowers urinary pH, facilitating the action and efficacy of antibiotics and preventing recurrent urinary tract infections!

Intimate hygiene deodoriser: Nodorin has antiseptic properties. Using it in your daily routine will help reduce the risk of urinary tract infections such as cystitis.

Explore our catalogue, shop now and make our products part of your daily routine.

Take control and maintain good urinary health!

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