Living without
kidney stones
is possible

Monitor and reduce
urinary health risks

Kidney stones

Discover Lit-Control, food supplements that provide effective solutions to prevent kidney stones by controlling urinary pH.

Kidney stones can be one of the most painful and challenging experiences there is. On our website, we provide you with key resources to understand, prevent and treat this problem effectively through urinary pH control.

Learn more about the different types of kidney stones, their symptoms and risk factors. We are committed to providing you with quality, science-backed products to prevent and treat kidney stones. Explore and purchase our scientifically designed products to effectively treat and prevent kidney stones.

Lit-Control Food Supplements: Our range of Lit-Control products will help you prevent and treat your kidney stones by keeping your urinary pH in the right range.

pH Meter medical device: The only medical device that accurately measures urinary pH, helping you to control it and keep it in the right range to avoid and prevent kidney stones.

<">Explore our catalogue now and choose the right solution for you. Your comfort and urinary health are our priority.

Take control and maintain good urinary health with Lit-Control!

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